Inspired by Natures Ingredients

Our botanical Bath Truffles have been created for a relaxing, beautifully scented and super-moisturising bath time  all using natural ingredients.

Handcrafted in small batches with rich and nourishing Cocoa  Butter and Shea Butter, skin soothing White Kaolin Clay, carefully selected blends of Pure Essential Oil and decorated with dried botanicals. 


Each box contains

1 Bath Truffle of each of the following 4 varieties:
Geranium and Sweet Orange
Maychang and Calendula
Mint and Lavender
Patchouli and Bergamot

Each Truffle has an average weight of 20g 



Locally made and printed.

Recyclable or compostable. 


Best for

Suitable for all skin types.


A little it of buzziness

We are proud to say that all of our botanical ingredients are sustainably sourced and many sourced locally where available.

Here at The Honeysuckle Bee and Me we usually keep 6 hives of honeybees. Honeybees build wax comb to rear brood in and store honey in. They can only do this when the weather is warm and they have a good nectar supply.

You can help our little honeybees and their pollinator friends by planting a mixed variety of flowering plants, hedging and trees that supply pollen and nectar through out the whole year.

Beautiful Bath Truffles

  • Add one Bath Truffle to a warm bath.

    This product may make your bath slippery so please take care upon entering and exiting.

    Intended for external use only. Avoid eye contact with product, If it should get in eyes, rinse well with running water immediately. seek medical attention if necessary.

    This is not a food product.

    Do Not Eat.

    Not intended for the use of infants or children.

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