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Beeswax Balms

Moisturising Loveliness

Feeling like you could do with a little soothing?

Something to comfort and lift your spirits.

Then one of our BALMS is just what you need ...

Our Beeswax Balms are made using beeswax from the bee hives of our own apiary.

We only ever harvest beeswax that is surplus to the need of our bees.

It is pure premium wax of the highest grade. 

We handmake a pour our balms in small batches and add other plant based ingredients

that are environmentally sustainable and full of just natural goodness to help sooth soften, protect and nourish.


Poured into glass pots with aluminium lids which are fully recyclable.


Like all our products, they are made using cruelty free ingredients and never tested on animals.                                                 

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