Inspired by Natures Ingredients

Our botanical handcrafted soap bars are made in small batches using a traditional cold process method to produce a natural soap packed full of super moisturising and skin softening ingredients.


Each set contains

  • 1 each of the following soap bars:

Geranium - Ylang

Sweet Orange - Green Woody Bay

Lemon Myrtle - Petitgrain - Nettle

Goats Milk - Oat - Honey

  • Two Natural Cotton Muslin Facecloths

These small muslin cloths are perfect to keep just for cleansing your face with and can be used with our own gentle soap or with a cream cleanser. You can throw them in the wash (no special setting needed) and reuse. They can also be used as for light exfoliation by applying a gentle pressure with small circular motions to your cleansing routine.  

Each cloth measures 23x23cm


The outer gift box has been made for us using rigid kraft board from recycled materials. It can be reused again and is fully recyclable again or compostable. I'm so happy to say that the entire box and it's contents are plastic free! Your gift box will come wrapped with a sage coloured grossgrain ribbon and include my new postcard and mini cards on how to care for your soap.   


Best for

Cleansing both face and body.

Suitable for all skin types.


Each bar has an average weight of 85g 


A little it of buzziness

Here at The Honeysuckle Bee and Me we usually keep 6 hives of honeybees. Honeybees build wax comb to rear brood in and store honey in. They can only do this when the weather is warm and they have a good nectar supply.

You can help our little honeybees and their pollinator friends by planting a mixed variety of flowering plants, hedging and trees that supply pollen and nectar through out the whole year.


The Soap Box

  • Unlike most commercial soaps, cold process soaps naturally have a high glycerine content and are made with natural butters and oils which is why they're so great for your skin. However, glycerine attracts water and if left in a puddle of water in your shower or near your sink, it will break down quickly and shorten the usage you get from it. To prolong the lifespan of your soap, please store it in a dry place out of the water and on a free draining soap dish, allowing it to dry properly between use.

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